A Lenten Heart

This lent hasn’t been my best.

I’ve given in to a few too many cheeky pieces of chocolate cake and I feel like I’ve been a bit slack in a lot of places where I could have offered something up or prayed a little bit more.
Some of you may be feeling something like this too and you’re not alone! I’ve talked to so many people lately about their journey through Lent this year and there are a lot of us in the same boat.

As I talked to one person about this and I shared my disappointment with them, they gave me some great advice, so simple and so obvious. They told me God looks at the heart. He knows our desires, our struggles our weakness and our big and little efforts.
We should not be like the Pharisees who were so focused on doing all the right things in front of the people but their hearts were far from God. However we may be feeling about our journey through lent we need not worry! It is about where we go from here and how we spend the rest of this precious season!

Yes it’s where we go from here. We are approaching the most important week of the year; Holy Week, starting with Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem this Palm Sunday.

Let us be prepared. Let us deeply experience the liturgies of these days so that we can experience in the deepest part of our being that Christ has overcome death and allows us to share in his immortal life.
– Archbishop Javier del Rio of Arequipa, Peru

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