Thumbs up to the Faithful

In yesterday’s gospel it is John who recognizes Jesus. He did not keep this to himself, he shared with his friends that he had spotted Jesus the Christ. This may be looked at as the obvious thing to do but so often in my own life I will witness Jesus but fail to share with my friends how I have seen Him (not anymore thanks to being able to share through Faithbook!).

Imagine what would have happened if John had said nothing….. the men would have continued to fish pointlessly where there where no fish. Peter would not have jumped off the boat and gone running to Jesus to ask forgiveness for his denial of Jesus. The apostles would not have been reunited with Jesus to share a breakfast on the beach with Him.

It would have been a tragedy.

Take John’s lead at spotting Jesus, you can do this by affirming your friends in their faith. Tell them that you see Christ in them and their actions (if you do).

Bless the Lord my soul

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