Our God is an Awesome God

My old man attends a mens prayer group and they were looking over this homily by a priest by the name of Fr Tommy Lane. The first part of the homily is this choice(true) story I thought I would share with you all:

In a book entitled “Healing Through the Mass” (pages 84-85, published by Resurrection Press and authored by Fr Robert DeGrandis S.S.J.), I read the following. NASA did some experimenting with a special type of camera that could see the energy levels in the human body. This is than seen on a monitor. This energy shows up as an aura around the body. NASA’s interest in the experiment was to investigate the effects of space travel on astronauts in orbit. Experimenting in a hospital they discovered that when a person is dying, the aura around the body thinner and gets thinner and thinner untill the person dies. The scientist carrying out this investigation in the hospital and his associate were behind a two-way mirror. They could see with their camera another man coming into the room with a light coming from his pocket. Than the man took the object from his pocket and did something so that in the camera the whole room was filled with light and with their camera they could no longer see what was happening. They ran into the room to see what was causing so much light to appear in the camera. They discovered that the dying man was being given Holy Communion. Afterwards with their camera they could see that the aura around him was brighter. Although in his fifties, the scientist conducting the experiment decided to become a priest after witnessing this.

“He is a light to reveal God to the nations, and he is the glory of your people Israel!” Luke 2:32, NLT

Wow. How awesome is our God!!!!!!!

Bless the Lord my soul

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4 thoughts on “Our God is an Awesome God

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  2. This story seems a bit off: a “special camera” (made by NASA no less!) that can see the “aura” around a person and pick up light streaming from the Eucharist?
    I think skepticism of such a claim is prudent. We should shy away from asserting confidently that a story like this is true (is it? How are you so sure? What evidence, beyond one passage in a book, is there that it is true? Who is the author? Is he trustworthy? Who is this scientist-turned-priest? Does he have a name?).
    The idea that people have energy auras which can be detected by a “special camera” belongs more, I’d suggest, to new age theories than to Catholic thought – wouldn’t you agree?

    • But you seem to be taking the opposite point of view – that because there isn’t lots of evidence, because it could be a lie, then it must be false.
      Why should we assume this author is lying just to get across a point – could he not instead draw upon one of the numerous, true Eucharistic Miracles?

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