Respect Yourself and Raise Your Eyes!


There comes a time in a person’s life when they’re not sure if they’re okay,

They seem to be attracted to bad behaviour and like to be led astray.

One thing I’ve learnt about teen girls these days is that they put their hearts on the line,

They’ll do anything to feel they are loved, even be used for someone else’s good time.

They’ll tell themselves, “Hey, it’s no big deal, I didn’t really like him either.”

While thoughts of embarrassment, shame and regret aren’t making her life any easier.

If I had some advice for young boys these days it would be show us how good you can be,

Show the world your love for God and make sure the girls can see.

Girls need to know that there are boys out there who will respect them to no end,

Boys who know how to love and listen, share, pray and defend.

And to girls, respect yourselves, don’t settle for any less than the one who will wait to marry you,

Stay focussed on God and open with your family in EVERYTHING you do.

I learnt over time that the hole in my heart created by media and peers,

Couldn’t be filled by temporary highs that just left me in a puddle of tears.

So I raised my standards and lifted my eyes to my first and one true love,

I received Grace and Joy, Comfort and Warmth that can only come from above.

This is my last post everyone! I hope you have enjoyed reading what I have written as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

God bless you all!!

Weep No More

Marrying Young

I came across this blog by Karen Swallow Prior about marrying young, on Jill Stanek’s website, a pro-life speaker/columnist .

It’s a good read and thought I would share it:

There are costs to delaying marriage, a phenomenon that has reached a new threshold, with the average age of marriage for men reaching the historic high of 29 and women 27….

While men and women are waiting longer to marry, they aren’t waiting quite so long to have children. The average age at which a woman first gives birth (25.7) is now earlier than the average age of first marriage (26.5), a phenomenon… which brings with it all of the well-documented concerns that surround the rearing of children outside of wedlock.

Unmarried twenty-somethings are more likely to be depressed, drink excessively, and report lower levels of satisfaction than their married counterparts…

Marriage has become… “hedonistic,” based on the exponential amount of pleasure – material, emotional, sexual, familial, you name it – that can be derived from the coupling of two individuals….

Culturally, young adults have increasingly come to see marriage as a “capstone” rather than a “cornerstone” – that is, something they do after they have all their other ducks in a row, rather than a foundation for launching into adulthood and parenthood.

Interestingly… much of the pressure to delay marriage comes from parents who encourage their children to finish their education before marrying….

Looking back over a marriage of nearly three decades… [n]ow as a college-educated, doctorate-holding woman, I can attest that marrying young (at age 19) was most beneficial: to me, to my husband, and to the longevity of our marriage. Our achievements have come, I am convinced, not despite our young marriage, but because of it…. We invested the vigor of our youth not in things to bring into the marriage, but in each other and our marriage….

Such a model of marriage reflects the conclusion Regnerus drew from his research,

Marriage actually works best as a formative institution, not an institution you enter once you think you’re fully formed. We learn marriage, just as we learn language, and to the teachable, some lessons just come easier earlier in life….

Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary also wrote a good piece on this:

But there’s a consequence to waiting to get married.

“The biggest downside to delayed marriage in America is that many young adults are now putting the baby carriage before marriage,” said report co-author and National Marriage Project director Bradford Wilcox, a U.Va. sociology professor. “What they often don’t realize is that children born outside of marriage are significantly more likely to be exposed to a revolving cast of caretakers and the social, emotional and financial fallout associated with family instability and single parenthood.”


I have maintained for some time that delaying marriage not only increases the likelihood of bringing damaged hearts to it, it also upends our biological clocks.

It’s difficult if not tortuous to promote abstinence at the same time one promotes delaying marriage. Doing so betrays the God-given and biologically proven sexual urges of youth.

Delaying marriage is a huge contributor to abortion. According to the CDC, unmarried mothers account for 84.3% of all abortions. Also according to the CDC, 29.6% of all abortion are committed between the ages of 20-24, followed by 21.6% in the 25-29 age group.

The spike in infertility problems can in part be contributed to delayed childbearing and abortion/STDs. In a piece, “Infertility: An emerging priority,” the CDC wrote:

Challenges to human fertility may arise from many conditions caused by genetic abnormalities, infectious or environmental agents, and certain behaviors. Natural aging processes also place a limit to human fertility…. Recent trends toward postponing age at first pregnancy have highlighted the natural limits of fertility and accelerated the development and use of medical technology to overcome such limits. The proportion of first births to women aged 30 years and older has increased more than fourfold since 1975, from 5% to 24% in 2006.

Lowered infertility would also bring fewer children killed by IVF. Between 44 and 60% of all children conceived for IVF die during the process. That number doesn’t include the 600,000+ “access” preborn children now living in frozen suspended animation who haven’t yet been implanted.

Well, enough of my soapbox.

What do you think?

God Bless

Weep No More


Easter Sunday

What an interesting  time of the year. Such a turmoil of emotions in this week of Easter where we travel with Jesus through his persecution, his sufferings, his last days on earth and his resurrection.

As I sat in Holy Thursday adoration, I looked at the people’s faces around me. I saw emotion, pain and a general sombre expression on most. I felt a great sadness as I knew that the next day (Good Friday) was the day we would be reflecting upon our Lord’s death. Not only his death but re-living his suffering, his sweating drops of blood! Our Saviour being spat on, stripped, whipped, beaten and bloodied, jeered at and mocked until literally his last breath! It would be heartbreaking to hear this happening to anyone but it happened to Jesus. The one we love the most . . . and he did it for us.images

And then all of a sudden we hear of confusion and bewilderment among the disciples. Jesus died? Yes. Jesus was laid in the tomb? Yes. Where is he now? What do we do? Then we hear that Mary Magdalene is informed of his resurrection! Resurrection?!

And now we are rejoicing! Jesus is risen! All that we believe has been assured because what he said would happen has indeed happened.

So these are the emotional highs and lows of Easter.JesusChrist-RISEN

I hope that your faith has risen, I hope you rejoice in the Risen King and I hope that this Easter is filled with nothing but joy for our devoted Saviour!

God bless

Weep No More 

Palm Sunday

What an important day this is for us, the day that Jesus rides in to Jerusalem on a donkey to begin his passion. When Jesus asked the two disciples to go ahead, where they would find a tethered donkey that no one had yet ridden, and to bring it back to him, this was significant in that it was traditional that kings rode on animals that had never been sat on, and as the disciples lay their garments on the donkey for him to sit upon and the people lay their cloaks on the ground before him this also tells us of his kingship.PalmSunday

They knew he was the Messiah, they knew he was our Saviour, but they did not know that he would be betrayed, persecuted, beaten and crucified.

The mass on this day is a celebration and as we gather outside to process in with our palms, singing

 “Hosanna, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”

We are joyful, but the trouble is we know what’s coming. We know what will unravel as Judas’s plot takes effect. Imagine Jesus’ agony also knowing what was coming. So agonizing was it that he sweated blood and asked the Father, if possible to let this cup pass him by, but never wanting anything but Gods will to be done.

How many times do we betray Jesus, let him down, deny him, sleep when we should be keeping watch…..and still he is merciful and forgiving. I want so much to be a good and faithful servant to Christ but constantly trip up and let him down, but again and again he washes my feet and shows me how to be humble and shows me forgiveness so that my heart may be healed and that I may return to serving him.

Justin Bieber’s Mum = Pro-Life!

I came across this great article. Give it a read:


Mega popstar Justin Bieber’s mom hopes to raise $10 million for crisis pregnancy centers around the world with a new pro-life short film, “Crescendo.”

Pattie Mallette, an outspoken Christian, said the cause was personal to her because a crisis pregnancy center helped her when she got pregnant with Bieber at 17.

Mallette has partnered with Movie to Movement to promote Crescendo, a short film based in the 18th century that deals with abortion. They hope to host 1,000 screenings of the film starting Feb. 28, with Mallette, one of the film’s executive producers, sharing her story at some of them. Eduardo Verastegui, who starred in and produced the 2006 pro-life film “Bella,” is the other executive producer.

Mallette grew up in a broken home in Stratford, Ontario, according to her 2012 autobiography “Nowhere but Up.” Her alcoholic father left when she was just 2, and she was sexually abused from age 3 to 14. She said the abandonment issues and abuse led her to drugs, theft and depression in her teens. She tried to commit suicide by throwing herself in front of a bus when she was 17, and was sent to a mental ward, where she became a Christian. Afterward, she returned to her past life and soon found herself pregnant. Many friends told her to abort her baby, but she kept him because of her faith.

“I knew that I had to do what it took,” she wrote. “I just couldn’t abort him.”

Her parents kicked her out of the house and she stayed at a home for pregnant women. She gave birth to Bieber in 1994, and lived off welfare and the paychecks from part-time jobs. She finished high school and began to study web design in college. At the same time, Bieber earned money singing on the streets and playing the drums and guitar. When he was 13, Hollywood came calling after his YouTube videos went viral. Mallette and Bieber soon moved to the U.S. to pursue his career. The pop singer is now the third most powerful celebrity in the world, according to Forbes Magazine.

Mallette’s pro-life stance has also influenced her son. Bieber caused controversy in 2011 when he said in a Rolling Stone interview, “I really don’t believe in abortion. I think [an embryo] is a human. It’s like killing a baby.”

Mallette said she hopes Crescendo and the fundraising for crisis pregnancy centers will “encourage young women all over the world, just like me, to let them know that there is a place to go, people who will take care of you and a safe home to live in if you are pregnant and think you have nowhere else to turn.”

God Bless

Weep No More

Gentle as Silence

So there’s this hymn we sing at Mass occasionally and this is the last verse:


There’ve been times when I’ve turned from His presence,

And I’ve walked other paths, other ways,

But I’ve called on His name, in the dark of my shame

And His mercy is gentle as silence.


How often are you in the ‘dark of your shame’, feeling a little lost, and a  little like you want to reach out to God but you feel that your shame is too great. You are embarrassed and the last thing you feel like doing is laying your sin before Jesus, saying you’re sorry and asking for forgiveness. Well…


What a relief!

I’m not sure if you can think of anything more gentle as silence but I certainly can’t. So next time you are struggling with sin, trying to live in the dark of your shame alone simply call on His name and His mercy will be as gentle as silence.


God bless

Weep No More

Where are the baby’s rights?!

What I can’t understand about being pro choice is the fact that it isn’t a choice, it’s a child.

For some reason parents think that they can decide if they want their pregnancy to be a growing developing human or a bunch of cells. Some parents are quite happy, excited in fact, that they are having a baby, that is until they find out that something is wrong with it. The words ‘fetal abnormality’ are pronounced to them meaning ‘your worst nightmare’ or ‘a life of utter misery’ which is then followed by a resolution that is death. They think that they deserve a 100% perfect healthy baby and if they are not going to get that then killing whatever it is that they used to daydream about cuddling and kissing is the answer. Not just the answer but the compassionate solution. People talk of tBaby In The Best Position For Baby In The Wombhe baby’s quality of life and if it’s anything short of perfect then it should never see the light of day. No one should try to play God.

Abortion is evil, it is satan at his best! It shows no compassion, it gives no freedom (which so many prolifers talk about) it is no solution. It is simply killing, death, the murder of an innocent, defenceless baby. In our society today we see abortion as a ‘right’. A right that we must protect and push into future generations…don’t even get me started on rights! WHERE ARE THE BABY’S RIGHTS?!

Nobody is entitled to have perfect baby. God gives us the grace to handle any situation he chooses us to be in. If you are chosen to have a child with an ‘abnormality’ then PRAISE GOD because He must think you are pretty special. Babies are not property that we can choose to raise and we can’t just dispose of them when they are not quite what we are looking for.

We forget that God is God.  We forget that life is a gift.  We forget that suffering is not the end of the world.  We forget that love is stronger than death.



God Bless

Weep No More


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