Belgium legalises Doctors killing Sick Children and the Mentally Ill

The title of today’s blog clearly outlines what I wish to make known to you. Shalom my Thursday readers. This release below is written by the legendary defender of life Ken Orr. Please take a couple of minutes to read this report and come to terms with the fact that we live in a world that has forgotten about the preciousness of life.

The Belgium Parliament has passed a highly controversial law allowing for the killing of children and patients with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. The Bill was passed on Friday 14 February by 86 to 44 with 12 abstentions. Belgium now becomes the first country to allow for sick children to be babykilled. Public opinion polls revealed that the Bill had the support of 75 per cent of the population of Belgium. Doctors are now permitted to kill their child patients if the child is in unbearable pain, is in a terminal condition,  has requested it repeatedly, has parental consent, has been seen by a psychiatrist and a psychologist and the killing is approved by the patients doctor. Doctors kill their patients with a lethal injection.

A palliative care nurse, who had cared for 200 dying children, gave evidence that she had never had a child ask for their life to be terminated.

The Bill had the support of the Greens, the Socialists and was opposed by the Christian Democrats. Those who promoted the law said that this now legalises what is already being done. Dr Philippe Mahoux author of the 2002 Euthanasia legislation “Right to Die” in support of it said that the bill was  “the ultimate gesture of humanity” and removed the discrimination against a “child’s right to die”.

The Bill was opposed by religious leaders. The leader of the Catholic Church in Belgium, Andre Leonard, led days of prayer and fasting. The Bishops warned that the Bill was a step too far, and said  “the legislation would open the way to handicapped people, people with dementia, the mentally ill or those who are tired of living, to seek mercy killing.” A group of 160 paediatricians sent an open letter to Parliament opposing the Bill stating that with the advances in palliative care, no child or person needs to die in agony. A palliative care nurse, who had cared for 200 dying children, gave evidence that she had never had a child ask for their life to be terminated, but that she had been asked by many parents for that to happen, because they did not want their child to suffer.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe passed a resolution denouncing the legislation. The declaration stated, “ Euthanasia must always be prohibited, it betrays some of the most vulnerable children in Belgium by accepting that their lives may no longer have any inherent value or worth and that they should die. It promotes the belief that a life can be unworthy of life which challenges the very basis of civilised society.”  The Assembly also said that the Belgian law “mistakenly assumes that children are able to give appropriate informed consent to euthanasia and that they can understand the grave meaning and complex consequences associated with such a decision”.

This legislation is a threat to the right to life of those with dementia and Alzheimer’s. When an elderly person goes into care, how can they be sure that those appointed to look after them will not kill them?

With care being very costly, there will be great pressure to kill the patient rather than to provide care. Supporters of the Bill said that “Euthanasia was part of good palliative care.”   How can it be?

This legislation is immoral and a violation of the inalienable right to life. It is a withdrawal of the unconditional love that we should have for our children. The killing of children is a further acceptance of a culture of death. It means that paediatricians supposedly dedicated to the care of children will now have another treatment option; the killing of their patient. A Study published in 2010 in the British Medical Journal revealed that only 52.8 per cent of euthanasia cases in Belgium were reported. A Canadian Medical Association study conducted in Flanders in 2010, found that 32 per cent of patients who had been killed by their doctor were not requested or consented to by the patient.

It is 70 years since Nazi Germany introduced the T4 Euthanasia programme. It started off with small beginnings, the killing of a disabled child on Hitler’s orders in September 1939 culminated in the killing of 250,000 German patients in asylums and hospitals. Included in this figure are 5000 to 8,000 disabled children. Hitler said,”the cost of keeping them alive in hospitals and asylums was too great.”

The passing of this contentious legislation is a warning for New Zealand. Marion Street Labour MP has drafted a bill entitled “End of life choices bill”  which if passed would allow doctors to kill their patients or assist in their suicide. Marion Street supports doctors being permitted to kill their child patients but withdrew this Private Members Bill from the ballot box  towards the end of last year but we understand she intends to re submit it following the election. Her Bill is a threat to the elderly, the sick and the disabled. We should resist it with all our strength.

Ken Orr


Right to Life.

This is a tragedy, but we must not lose hope. We must not be afraid to stand up against an authority that kills its own people. We should identify ourselves with Christ when He stood before Pontius Pilate, and trust that even though the situation seems unchangeable and too far gone God is with us and He will be until the end of time.

But whatever be the reason for these trying days, of this we may be certain:  The Christ Who suffered under Pontius Pilate signed Pilate’s death warrant; it was not Pilate who signed Christ’s.  Christ’s Church will be attacked, scorned, and ridiculed, but it will never be destroyed…. The bold fact the enemies of God must face is that modern civilization has conquered the world, but in doing so has lost its soul.  And in losing its soul it will lose the very world it gained. Even our own so-called liberal culture in the United States, which has tried to avoid complete secularization by leaving little zones of individual freedom, is in danger of forgetting that these zones were preserved only because religion was in their soul.  And as religion fades so will freedom, for only where the spirit of God is, is there liberty.
Venerable Fulton J. Sheen
God Bless
Lamb Among Wolves

Reach Out and Up

Some of the best advice I ever got was; “When you are in doubt or feeling afraid, reach out and up to God like a child reaching for a parent”

The image in my head was one of a little girl with her arms up, bobbing up and down, swishing her skirt from side to side and looking upwards,

“Pick me up Daddy!”


She is reaching out and up for something greater than herself.

Boo, from Monsters Inc. trusts Sully in a similar kind of way. She clings to him when she is scared, she is fascinated by him and runs to him. She trusts him.

It must also be said that she is adorable.

This is such a simple image of innocence, of surrender and total trust and love.

This is similar to how we should be turning to God, our eternal Father, in strife as well as in joy.

Sometimes we need to be simply child-like before our Lord and come to him, trusting him and accepting how much we need him.

Sometimes what we really need is simply to rest in the arms of our Lord and run to him in prayer, knowing that he will care for us as a Father cares for his child.

Sometimes our prayer can be as simple as hands outstretched to God;

“Pick me up Lord, hold me and protect me”

The words of a song I sung at primary school come to mind:

“Jesus is my rock, I marvel as his plans unfold for me.
Resting in his palms, safe within his arms,
He gently rocks my soul.
He takes me to his heart,
Cradled in the arms of Love”

On another note, I am the new Tuesday blogger replacing Mystical Rose. This is my debut on Faithbook, so Hello! I am very glad to be here.

City on a Hill

Beautiful People

God puts certain things on earth to give us opportunities to show love. One of these things are people with special needs. They’re not there to make us feel better about ourselves or for us to ignore, they are there to love.

I was at the pool with my 10 month old son yesterday and 3 mentally disabled adults joined us. They were an absolute delight. They fussed over my son, showed me how they can go under and asked endless questions such as what I did for my last birthday and what I’m getting for Christmas etc.special_needs_children

As we were leaving they waved goodbye and I thought to myself about their world. They reminded me of children, their innocent love for babies, their blatant obsession with birthdays and Christmas, their shameless ability to ask question after question and their genuine interest in my answers, responding with “WHOA!” when I told them I had dinner at my mum’s for my last birthday.

Their childlike minds were what made them such beautiful people.

Jesus said:

“Allow the children to come to me, and do not prohibit them. For as such as these are the kingdom of God.” -Mark 10:14

“Unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” -Matthew 18:3

“Whoever will not accept the kingdom of God like a child will not enter into it.” -Mark 10:15

So lets take a leaf out of their book.

Try to see the world a bit more simply, love each other regardless of anything, get excited about the little things in life and be happy with the person that you are because God created you!

God Bless

Weep No More

Eternal Souls

These are very wise words from the author of Father Elijah, A Landscape with Dragons, and many other Christian books. It makes you realise just how huge your actions can be! Everything that happens to a small child will have eternal repercussions. And this can even apply to more than just parents – every person we meet has an eternal soul!

So what are you doing to ensure that your child’s, your friend’s, your own soul will be kept holy for all of time?

God bless,

Mystical Rose

A Mother on the Right Track

Yesterday at mass I ended up sitting next to a mother with three young children. Now normally when there is a family with children near my pew I get slightly distracted by watching what they do, yesterday was no different. Except this mother seemed a bit different, other parents at mass seem to just let their children get distracted, that as long as they’re not talking/crying that they’re fine. But this mother, who I had never seen before was intent on making sure her children (who would only have been about 4, 6 and 8 maybe?) were aware and participating in what was happening during mass. At every part the mother would whisper to her children what they should be praying for, before the penitential rite the mother told her children  to say sorry to Jesus for the things they had done wrong that week. It was such a blessing to be able to sit next to this lady and to hear her simplified translation of what was happening in mass into something that was easier for them to understand and made her children feel like they really did fit into the congregation.

Often I feel myself reciting the words at mass but not really meaning them or disregarding the importance of saying them. This holy mother beside me yesterday made me re-realise that every response, every prayer, every reading has been put together in a special order and a special way for a reason because every single word spoken, sung, chanted or proclaimed is ultimately a prayer to God and a coming together before God as a community and as one. I felt myself listening to the mother’s explanations and prayed throughout mass that I could celebrate and participate with a childlike, simple understanding of every part of mass. I pray for that family and that this mother’s obvious devotion and love for mass will be passed to her children through her teachings and examples that she must be giving them.

God bless and how about this week if you get a chance, try going to mass and think deeply about all the words said. We are so blessed to have such a rich liturgy in the Catholic faith!

Woman at the Well

Mothers, Never Stop Praying for Your Husbands and Children

Read this . . . it’s cool:

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.

Mothers have an unfair advantage with the Lord. In Luke 7, Jesus observed a huge funeral procession in Nain. The entire town was present. He observed the young men and women weeping. He observed the pastors and apostles weeping. He observed the elders weeping. He observed the fathers weeping. He observed the children weeping. He observed the sadness on people’s faces. Nothing seemed to move Him, until HE SAW THE MOTHER. The bible says He had compassion when He saw her and immediately raised her boy from the dead. (Luke 7: 12-15) It was the cry of a mother that moved the Heart of God. Still today mothers who cry before the Lord for their families, for their marriages, for their homes, move the Heart of God. When mothers stop praying for their families, they perish (especially their children). Satan gets a foothold and starts to destroy the home, yet when they return to their rightful place as the anchor of the home, demonic strongholds get demolished.

In Psalms 36, 17, 57, 63 and 91 God’s role is likening to that of a mother. As a mother protects, upholds and defends her children, so does God also protect us under that shadow of His wings. We find refuge there and can hide there until the danger is over. A mothers role is so vital that a father can not get his prayers answered if he dishonours/disrespects her (1 Peter 3:7). Because of this favour over mothers they are also the most attacked persons in the home. The devil is terrified of mothers (the powerhouse in the home). Yet the Lord has put inside mothers grace and resilience to overcome any situation.

Mothers are dangerous when they pray.

Mary, Our Mother. Pray for us.

God Bless

Weep No More

Keeping it simple

God is not complicated.

Yes He is mysterious and unseen but not complicated.

Today I wanted to tell you about what has been happening in my life. God has been trying to tell me that He is simple and there is no need for me to make Him into anything more. So I thought Id tell everyone (well everyone that reads this blog anyway).

Too many times I have put off prayer because I havn’t known what to say or Ive become flustered because I don’t understand something that is happening in my life or havn’t known what God wants me to do.I have sought and thought on my own steam and out of my own little head and resources trying to find answers but left sitting with God and talking to Him about it till the very last resort.

He is so simple. Come and talk to me (see Phil 4:6-7). Come and rest with me (see Matt 11:28). We need to come to Him as a child would (see Matt 18:3)

Its that simple.

Thank God for His patience and love for us little ones.



Our Lord needs from us neither great deeds nor profound thoughts. Neither intelligence nor talents. He cherishes simplicity.
-Saint Therese of Lisieux


God bless you all!

Habemus Papam!