What’s with the name?

Welcome to FaithbookNZ! Since this is the first post, I thought I’d chat about the name of the blog.

So why ‘Faithbook’? Is it just because it sounds like something that’s already popular? Well, no. Surprisingly, there’s a lot behind that seemingly innocuous name. It was inspired by a faithful (and popular) priest in Christchurch who has often said that young people need to get off Facebook and onto their Faithbook – ie the Bible. Now I’m not saying that this blog is anything like the Bible! But hopefully what we post here will encourage and inspire you to delve more deeply into Scripture.

Building on what that priest said, we hope that this blog will grow to be a mini-social network where people can share and discuss the Catholic faith. I personally don’t have anything against Facebook – in fact I use it daily and believe it’s an amazing way to stay in touch, share, plan and evangelise – but I do believe that it’s often an environment which doesn’t foster faith or love. In fact it almost encourages users to ‘over-search’ and ‘over-share’, to become voyeuristic and exhibitionist. Here at FaithbookNZ there will be none of that. FaithbookNZ will be a perfectly modest blog, as the Catechism defines it:

Modesty protects the intimate center of the person. It means refusing to unveil what should remain hidden.

Catechism of the Catholic Church, par. 2521

So that means no scandal, no intimate details, nothing you guys don’t need to know. It’s true, that sorta stuff is exciting – it’s the ‘juicy’ stuff that we all love to hear and gossip about. But what is actually ‘good’ about all that? Now I’m not going to go deep into what goodness is (maybe in later post), but I am going to say that our lives are about more than a quick bit of excitement. Our lives are about meaning, love and eternity. At the end of the day, all lives are about God and we here at FaithbookNZ are keen to share that.

God bless you all