Whenever I meet up with my friends the majority of the conversation is about who’s looking hot and who’s not. Who’s put on weight, who’s too skinny, who’s skin is looking terrible and who needs to dye their hair. Females in particular seem to gossip about other females very easily and it’s a real shame.

I think the media has a big part to play in this. Most advertisements are aimed at women, things to make our waists thinner, our bums sexier, our eyelashes longer or pretty much just to remind us that we aren’t good enough the way we are, the way God made us. It’s for this reason that we need to refrain from gossiping about each other, we need to do the opposite! Band together while we are constantly bombarded with evil attacks. Support each other, be there for each other, love each other!

A wonderful lady once used the analogy of us being an item they inspect on the tv show The Antiques Roadshow. She said that they have no idea how much the item is worth until they look on the bottom and see who created it. If the creator is a famous sculptor, artist or painter it is instantly worth heaps. Who created us?…exactly.

We are all beautiful simply because GOD CREATED US and He is beauty.

Weekly Challenge: If you find yourself about to gossip about someone, stop yourself and say something nice instead.

God Bless You

Weep No More

My (secret) Temptation

I don’t know if many of you do this, but I like to keep a diary. In it I write prayers, happenings of the day, thoughts, anything really. Here is my entry from a few nights ago:

‘Coronation Street’ is a dangerous show filled with gossip, sex and lack of morals, and because of this it is extremely attractive – I must admit that I very nearly got hooked.

I know that Coro isn’t as big in NZ as Home and Away or Shortland Street, but it has a huge international following – and be honest, how many of you have never watched a little snippet? Before last week I hadn’t actually ever watched it, but I was staying away from home and the dinner time ‘conversation’ was to watch Coronation Street!

Thursday night we watched an episode and I must admit that I got a secret little pleasure out of it – it was pretty much the juiciest gossip you could ever imagine. On the surface though, I acted disinterested. Friday night and it was on again, but for some reason (divine intervention!) I watched it with my ‘Catholic glasses’ put on. Oh no. It was horrible. Not just the acting (though it is terrible acting at times), but here I was watching and enjoying a show about sex, assault, lies, homosexuality, betrayal… Thank the Lord that I finally realised what I was watching!

But the scariest thing is that, when my barriers were down, I watched and enjoyed the show! I realised that watching a show like Coro caters to all of fallen humanity’s sinful pleasures, without having to actually do them yourself. Revenge? Check. Hate? Bucketloads. Scandal? Nothing but. Sex? Without a doubt.

Looking at it now, lots of these shows – Home and Away, Neighbours, Shortland Street etc – are the same. Admittedly, Coro is perhaps the worst of the bunch, but all those others are dangerous too. I’m not saying you have to stop watching them – but ask yourself: why am I watching this? Why do I enjoy it?

And the most important question (said in all seriousness): What would Jesus do?

God bless

Woman at the Well

What’s with the name?

Welcome to FaithbookNZ! Since this is the first post, I thought I’d chat about the name of the blog.

So why ‘Faithbook’? Is it just because it sounds like something that’s already popular? Well, no. Surprisingly, there’s a lot behind that seemingly innocuous name. It was inspired by a faithful (and popular) priest in Christchurch who has often said that young people need to get off Facebook and onto their Faithbook – ie the Bible. Now I’m not saying that this blog is anything like the Bible! But hopefully what we post here will encourage and inspire you to delve more deeply into Scripture.

Building on what that priest said, we hope that this blog will grow to be a mini-social network where people can share and discuss the Catholic faith. I personally don’t have anything against Facebook – in fact I use it daily and believe it’s an amazing way to stay in touch, share, plan and evangelise – but I do believe that it’s often an environment which doesn’t foster faith or love. In fact it almost encourages users to ‘over-search’ and ‘over-share’, to become voyeuristic and exhibitionist. Here at FaithbookNZ there will be none of that. FaithbookNZ will be a perfectly modest blog, as the Catechism defines it:

Modesty protects the intimate center of the person. It means refusing to unveil what should remain hidden.

Catechism of the Catholic Church, par. 2521

So that means no scandal, no intimate details, nothing you guys don’t need to know. It’s true, that sorta stuff is exciting – it’s the ‘juicy’ stuff that we all love to hear and gossip about. But what is actually ‘good’ about all that? Now I’m not going to go deep into what goodness is (maybe in later post), but I am going to say that our lives are about more than a quick bit of excitement. Our lives are about meaning, love and eternity. At the end of the day, all lives are about God and we here at FaithbookNZ are keen to share that.

God bless you all