Look of Love

On a beautiful spring day a Holy bishop named Bishop Nonnus was standing outside of his church with his parishioners. Mass had been celebrated and Christ was present in the souls of all those who had just received Him in the Eucharist.

As the congregation was all gathered out the front of the church having a good old chin wag, a breathtakingly beautiful woman came gliding past. Time slowed down. Hearts skipped a beat. Lungs lost their air. She was gorgeous. Her name was Pelagia. As quickly as hearts stopped, heads all turned – away from her. All knew she was a dancer and a prostitute. All heads apart from the holy bishop.

Was he a perv? Was he lusting after her?

He saw how truly beautiful she was, he saw her how God created her to be seen. She caught his gaze. She felt like she had just been knocked over. Pelagia knew men well, too well. But she had never meet a man like this priest. His gaze was so pure, it penetrated her hardened view of what life was. She saw hope in his eyes. She saw love. She saw Jesus.

She had no idea what to do, so she ran.

The very next day she found herself sneaking into the back pew during Bishop Nonnus’ sermon. He was preaching on the end times, repentance.

After the Mass Pelagia approached Bishop Nonnus and asked that he would baptize her.
Not long after this great conversion she left town wearing sack cloth and headed to Mt Olivette in Jerusalem and became a hermit living in a cave. She practiced many penances and other spiritual exercises which helped her to grow in holiness and receive spiritual gifts. She was known as the beardless monk.

Now she is now known as St Pelagia.


Men, as you walk down the street, drive in your car, drink at the pub, sit in mass, always, always, always be in control of what your eyes are looking at, what your mind is thinking, and what your heart is desiring.

Jesus will help you.


St Nonnus, please pray for us!

Bless the Lord my soul

Respect Yourself and Raise Your Eyes!


There comes a time in a person’s life when they’re not sure if they’re okay,

They seem to be attracted to bad behaviour and like to be led astray.

One thing I’ve learnt about teen girls these days is that they put their hearts on the line,

They’ll do anything to feel they are loved, even be used for someone else’s good time.

They’ll tell themselves, “Hey, it’s no big deal, I didn’t really like him either.”

While thoughts of embarrassment, shame and regret aren’t making her life any easier.

If I had some advice for young boys these days it would be show us how good you can be,

Show the world your love for God and make sure the girls can see.

Girls need to know that there are boys out there who will respect them to no end,

Boys who know how to love and listen, share, pray and defend.

And to girls, respect yourselves, don’t settle for any less than the one who will wait to marry you,

Stay focussed on God and open with your family in EVERYTHING you do.

I learnt over time that the hole in my heart created by media and peers,

Couldn’t be filled by temporary highs that just left me in a puddle of tears.

So I raised my standards and lifted my eyes to my first and one true love,

I received Grace and Joy, Comfort and Warmth that can only come from above.

This is my last post everyone! I hope you have enjoyed reading what I have written as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

God bless you all!!

Weep No More

The Importance of Love and Truth

Recently in my life I have come to understand the importance of sharing love outwardly and speaking the truth no matter what.

Where I work, as I have have told you before in my past blogs, I am responsible for the well-being of many young souls. I was recently watching a group of boys whom I care for play a game of basketball. I was just sitting at the end of the court chatting to a friend, half watching the game. I happened to look over at the time where one of these boys took a three point shot and it was nothin’ but net!
What happened next was interesting. The boy who took the successful shot instantly turned around to see my reaction, as if to say “Did you see that?! What did you think? Are you proud of me?” And I suddenly realised how truly important my reaction was to him. I slowly nodded at him with a smile, clapped my hands and semi-yelled “Great shot!” I hadn’t realised until that moment, of which there are many everyday that pass me by, the importance to outwardly show love and care to those around us, especially those who are seeking our acceptance and attention. Love comes in many different forms, sometimes even acknowledging a good shot, watching your child when they yell “Mum and Dad! Watch me! Watch me!” and acknowledging them with a look or smile that says ‘I love you’ can have a life-changing effect.
So that is what I want to say about love.


Now truth.
Not too many days earlier than the basketball game I was talking to these souls which live with me about abortion; what it is, what it does and why it’s an important issue to discuss. Now, I get many questions thrown at me after I speak about it and often looks which seem to say “You shouldn’t be speaking about this, it’s inappropriate”, and these can sometimes get me down or make me ask myself “Maybe I shouldn’t talk about abortion, it’s too much of a sensitive issue, etc, etc.”
But one day – after having heard how I feel about the issue of abortion, the Church’s teaching on it, and the concern I have with it – a young soul came to see me seeking advice regarding a friend of theirs that was going to have an abortion. This threw me back and took my by surprise. We prayed for this young mother and her unborn child, and we continue to pray as we are unaware of how things turned out… but then I thought about how if I had not spoken about abortion to them, these prayers that we offered up for this situation would have never been. We must speak the truth because we never know what He is doing, we never know what He has planned, and we never know what He wants done.

ls-speak-the-truth-of-life-bulletin-insertNever underestimate the importance of showing love and telling the truth in your day to day situations.

Show love.

Speak truth.

…HE will do the rest.


God bless,
Lamb Among Wolves

The School of Love

love xI work in an environment where I am responsible for a lot of young souls.The role that I have consists of supervising these young souls in almost every daily activity that they do; study, leisure, sport, socialising, spiritual development and a range of other areas.

It is a lifestyle that can, and has been in the past, easily abused. It is not an easy task as it requires a lot of energy, commitment and patience yet it is by far the most rewarding, satisfying and enriching occupation that I have ever been blessed with in my life thus far.

What am I getting at? I want to talk about God…therefore I want to talk about love. (1 John 4:16)

This lifestyle that the Good Lord has planted me into requires me to love. I now understand that God is training me in his school of love by giving me opportunities daily to love these souls by which I am surrounded.

Today the word ‘love’ is thrown around like a two year olds play toy and its authentic meaning is too often forgotten or abandoned. Love is not complex…it is simple. To love is to serve. (Galatians 5:13)

Whether it be greeting the tenth or eleventh soul that knocks on my door with a smile so they can simply tell me about their day at school, scrubbing the carpet at 1am to get the vomit out after an accident due to a sore tummy, or sitting up until the early hours of the morning just talking about nothing at the bedside of a soul that is terribly homesick so they can fall to sleep, the Lord is testing me and teaching me in His school of love.

I do not write this for any gratification or sympathy and in fact I would be rather upset if that were the case. I simply share this with you to show you how God has worked in my life and all glory is His and His alone. There have been times when I have failed and received a bad grade in the school of love, as I have not been there for a soul, have become impatient and grumpy after my own studies and even occasionally spent too much time looking for opportunities to do good that I have let them pass me by in other areas of my life. And I know then that my motive was not love because ‘love never fails.’ (1 Corinthians 13:4-8)

To love is to serve. Jesus loved, Jesus served, Jesus died for you…and ‘no one can have greater love than to lay down his life for his friends.’ (John 15:13)

Take a step back in your life right now…do you love God? Do you love your brother? If the answer to the former question is yes but the answer to the latter is no…then you are a liar. Why?

Because “Anyone who says ‘I love God’ and hates his brother is a liar, since whoever does not love the brother whom he can see cannot love God whom he has not seen.” (1 John 4:20)

Recognise those little things throughout your day where God is teaching you a lesson in His school of love.

God bless,

Lamb among wolves

Father and Daughter

father-n-daughterMy three year old daughter asked, “Who will I get married to?”

To which I replied, “A man who you love and who loves you very much. Someone who will take great care of you and stay by you through good and bad times.”

To which she replied, “Oh, I’ll marry Daddy!”

Now, she has said some sweet stuff in her time but this was up there with the sweetest! And it got me thinking…

Girls often do end up with someone similar to their fathers because, naturally, this is usually someone they love and someone who they know loves them for who they are…usually.

But often girls get to an age when they branch out from their parents, particularly their fathers, and become so obsessed with finding someone who will love them like their fathers did that they will settle for anyone and do anything when they can’t find them. This is when girls need some intervention. They need to be reminded that their one true Father in Heaven is the only one who give them the perfect love that they are searching for and anyone who wants to be a part of her life along the way should be nothing but loving, kind and 100% committed. Anyone else should be avoided. At this stage in a person’s life is where Blessed John Paul II’s Theology of the Body for Teens should be introduced aswell.

Let’s pray for the young people of today. That they may live their lives for Christ and know that he created each and every one for great things. And also my daughter, that if it is God’s plan for her to marry then may she find a man worthy of her.

God bless you

Weep No More

One True Love

I understand that image is important but is it everything? It seems to be these days and it worries me. When I look around at my friends and family the effort to look right is huge, so huge in fact that they begin to look like someone that they are not.

When I got married and had children the desire I once felt to be super skinny, wear make up everyday, accentuate my ‘womanly features’ etc left my thoughts almost entirely. My mum actually said to me one day that I should stop wearing track pants and maybe brush my hair. But I felt such a happiness that I didn’t care what I looked like. I had Jesus, my husband and my baby, what more could I want?

This is the struggle I’m witnessing. Teenagers, particularly girls, try to be someone they’re not in order to attract the opposite sex and with such advanced social networking today, it’s easy to create a ‘new you’ in minutes. Girls post pictures of themselves in their underwear, share statuses informing everyone of how drunk they were last night and write comments using offensive and insulting language. These girls weren’t born like this, the person they have become was created by themselves. But it’s not their fault. Sex has been slandered and is no longer the sacred, life-giving gift that is was meant to be. It is now used to use others.Group_silhouette

So when these girls go out of their way, out of their comfort zones, to attract boys. They succeed. But they don’t attract the boy that every parent wants for their daughter, they attract the kind of boy that is looking for that kind of girl. The trouble being that she isn’t actually ‘that’ kind of girl. She’s just a normal girl who has fallen into Satan’s trap of ‘this is love’. So this girl gets used and you might think that that’s the end but it is just the beginning. The emptiness that is left within her is piercing and so begins the downward spiral of her search for real love to fill that gap. Which she can’t find because she’s looking in the wrong place and her usual mask of make up and tight clothes aren’t doing it for her anymore so she turns to different ways of changing her image like alcohol, drugs, even more make up and even shorter skirts and I think we can all see how damaging this can end up.

The teenage suicide rate in New Zealand in the last year has risen from 56 to 80!

Once you’re in its hard to get out so don’t let yourself be consumed by anything except Christ, He is your one true love.

God Bless

Weep No More

Its the final countdown!!

So things are maybe getting a bit more frantic on your side of town as the days start disappearing very rapidly before Christmas day. So my blog today is short and hopefully sweet…

Putting aside the fact that many don’t celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, I was thinking about why Christmas is so loved by so many in the world (I’m not sure if I can say majority of people in the world…) . Sure there are maybe a handful of Scrooge’s around and a few others who aren’t really phased by the celebration, but most people love the happy season.

So yes I was thinking why?? Its obvious isn’t it really?… LOVE!! I actually started by thinking why people may not like Christmas and (forgive me if I am totally wrong but) maybe its mainly people that don’t have family or loved ones to share it with. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to show and receive love from others.

Well then confirmation once again for what we were made for. Made by Love, out of love, for love.

I wish you and yours a holy and happy Christmas! And remember to pray for those who are not looking forward to Christmas for whatever reasons it may be.

Habemus Papam!