Give Thanks

Do we really give God the thanks that He deserves?

I just got home from a great couple of days away and just spent the evening with my five best friends. We freely chat about the faith, we joke and laugh constantly and we all enjoy each others company more than anything.

How did this happen? How did we all end up being such awesome friends who are all strong in faith, loving Jesus so much and wanting to live our lives for Him? Well I believe that by each one of us living our lives for the Lord and trusting in His will, we have crossed paths and for this I give all glory and thanks to the Lord my God!

To have good friends that support you, pray for you, love you and ultimately guide and lead you on the path to heaven is extremely important. As Catholic Christians we are a family, and the family that stands by each other is strong and stays together. They have each others backs and pick each other up when one of them falls and become the face in Christ in their charity.

Let us not be afraid to love and as Blessed Mother Teresa says: “Love until it hurts.”

Who are your friends? Do they know how much they mean to you? Tell them the gift that they are to you and show them love. Thank God for friends!

Always know that Jesus is a friend that will never abandon you and who sits and waits for us to drop everything and follow Him.

Thank you Lord Jesus for the gift of friends…my companions on the journey home

God Bless you all

Lamb Among Wolves