Do everything for the Glory of God

“Everything I am is for your Glory, everything I am for you alone” –  (For Your Glory) Matt Maher

Everything we say, do, think and act should be for the Glory of God. Matt Maher, an amazing and internationally recognised Catholic singer, extends this message in his 2008 album through the song ‘For Your glory’. To check out more about Matt Maher and his music click here.

Alot of the time we are so often caught up in vanity and pride. We spend hours in front of the mirror making sure our hair is perfect, making sure our clothes look as good on us as they did when we tried them on in the shop, making sure we measure up to what society demands of us. Are we doing this to give glory to God? You may be saying “well yeah, I want to look presentable and look after my body and respect it for his Glory”… If so that is great, as we should keep ourselves respectable and presentable for the Glory of God, but are we always doing this or do we sometimes want some of that glory for ourselves? Hmmmm?

Let us die to ourselves and do everything for God’s glory. Next time you do anything, just think…

“Is this comment going to give glory to God?”

“Is this outfit going to give glory to God or is it a bit revealing?”

“Did that conversation that I had on the phone last night with my friend give glory to God?”

Be humble of heart and do not stand on the street corners as the hypocrites do proclaiming your good works. Go in to your room and quietly pray to the Lord, asking for everything you do to be for His Glory.

God Bless you all

Lamb Among Wolves